splAsh International

Jan. 11. 2020 
 I haven't got to travel for awhile because I became a mommy! However, I'm excited to announce I will be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity abroad!

Nov. 1st, 2012

Just got back from Belize!! We gave blankets to kids, food to 

the people, hats, money, and more. But everything we gave 

them can't match what they gave us. I think they made us 

smile more than we did them. Seeing first hand how they 

live really opened my eyes. Washing clothes by hand in the 

river and hang drying them. Walking for miles and miles 

(young and old) as the norm. Having no rules to break but 

still choosing to do "right". Regardless of their situation they 

we're proud, knowledgeable, and happy. I didn't hear one 

person complain or ask for anything! Don't feel sorry for 

yourself. Be grateful for simply having life. Whatever one is 

faced with another has already survived.