Eventz 4a Cause

Alex Antoniou, Ph.D. Founder and CEO of Fins Attached
April. 13th, 201
                                               It's been awhile since we hosted our own event, but we recently attended an event for a cause. It's now a cause we are also passionate about. It was a fundraiser for Fins Attached, a marine research and conservation company. They spoke about the importance of the ocean and marine life (namely sharks) and the connection to our eco-system as a whole. Special guests included Shark Activist Wendy Benchley, wife of the creator of JAWS, who at 79 years old STILL dives! An inspiring and informative event! 

Find out more from this amazing organization at: https://finsattached.org/

Blue Mind Author Wallace J. Nichols
Peter Klimley, Professor, Author, Speaker, Researcher, Activist

Wendy Benchley

Nov. 1st, 2012 
      Help splAsh celebrate our 3 year anniversary! 

We will be hosting the Rock n' Roll Snow Ball event!

 "Where Naughty meets Nice"

 Fashion show, live band, alternative nut cracker, 

fundraising and more! 

Aug. 5th, 2012 
         Recently Colorado has been struck with tragedy. As a community we must ban together to help those in this time of crisis. There is power in numbers. We are proof that we are a strong and supportive society and love does exist. Today we finished the Lollipops & Gumdrops Photoshoot Fundraiser. This was an event to raise money for the victims/volunteers of the wildfires and a place for all to relax and enjoy themselves in a positive safe environment. It was a great success. I thank each and every person who attended. Whether it be as a spectator or a participant WE together made it happen. 

The donations of the day are greatly appreciated! One major one which includes the studio donated by Photospace! 

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